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Lab Pack Services

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Lab Pack chemicals pose one of the greatest challenges to the hazardous waste management industry. One project alone could encompass hundreds of different chemicals.

Our lab pack team, led by a Master degreed chemist, is well versed in lab pack protocol and highly skilled in handling this type of material safely and effectively. Our turnkey service ensures proper inventory, packaging, transport and disposal of lab pack chemicals, along with computer generated inventory list for tracking chemicals to final destination.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are able to minimize turnkey management costs by utilizing our Department of Transportation (DOT) Bulk Packing exemption. This exemption allows a broader range of chemical compatibility for packing and transportation requirements. Simply put, we are able to bulk pack more chemicals per container, thus reducing the number of overall containers and lowering disposal cost.

Classify, segregate, and properly package all chemical waste on-site
• Identification of unknown chemical waste
• Packaging and labeling
• Computerized Inventory Tracking
• Transportation and Disposal

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